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Lawn mower & Chainsaw parts

Sparks Agricultural have on hand a large range of ride on, push mower, brush cutter, chain saw and lawn edger spare parts. Just send us a email with make, model and parts required and we will send you a quote.

Brigs & Stratton service kits



suites single cylinder 10.5 thru 13hp engine service kit.

air filter, pre-filter, oil filter sparks plug and oil




Suits Intek engines

13, 15.5, 17 & 17.5hp




Suits classsic 3.5hp, Sprint 3.75hp & Quattro 4hp engines.

contains air filter, sparkplug, oil


Honda engine maintenance kit



8-13hp honda


Contains air filters, oil, sparksplug



omk chain.png

Oregon Bar and chain combo

14" to 20" to suite most popular models


AIR101.JPG AIR1766.JPG JAS5439.JPG GSM2856 gskets B&S.JPG

Large range of Lawn mower parts including, air filters,

battteries, blades & bolts, belts, bearings, bushes,

cable controls, clutches, coring tynes, crankshafts, electrical,

fuel system, gaskets, gears & parts, govenor springs, jack shafts,

keys, mufflers, oils, oil filters, pisons, pulleys, seats, snorkels,

sprockets, starter parts, sunshades, tyres & tubes,

engine valves, wheel accessories.

BRF3558 echo.JPG BRF5648 echo.JPG BRH1489 brushcutter.JPG BRR1696.JPG

Large range of Brush cutter parts inlcuding,

air filters, arbors, blades, carby, choke knobs,

clutch springs, clutches, fuel & primer lines, gear case,

guards, handles, harnesses, heads, inner drive cables,

oils, petrol caps, starter parts, throttle cables and leavers.

Trimmer line.

csAIR6173.JPG csAIR6917.JPG csOMK100SDEA041.JPG csOMK11891.JPG

Large range of chainsaw parts including air filters, bars and chains, belts, carby and fuel, clutches, crankshafts, decompressor, electrical, pistons and rings, cylinder assym, gaskets,mufflers, nose kits-bars, oil tank and covers, oils, sprockets, starter parts, tools and assessories.

BELA24.JPG BLE5387.JPG eBLE3163.JPG eKAW11009-2379.JPG

Range of Edger parts.

bolts and nuts, belts, blades, gaskets, and shafts.

For all your after market parts inquiries please

email sparks agricultural

Click here to email part inquiries.

phone 0355765583