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67 Chesswas Street
Penshurst 3289
Tel 03 5576 5583
Fax 03 55765013

AMC Mower & Chipper spare parts

9-12, 2- 5, 4 days a week

Closed on Wednesdays.

To our knowledge we carry the largest range

of AMC spare parts including decals,

Parts booklets $20 (Explorer or Resort)

Operators Manual $20 (Explorer,Territory, Manor 60)

Operators manual Supa Chipper $12

phone 03 55765583

e-mail inquiry click here.

Mechanical inquiries are a minimum charge of $20

Postage and handling quote at bottom of page.

AMC SWEEPER BRUSH $20 PER BRUSH (slightly imperfect)


If you are having trouble with your AMC

slipping or trurning the belt or

not going backwards and forwards like it should

check you are using SPA belts.

SPA belts have a larger surface to pulley contact

They also have extra webbing, so they last longer.

Your small engine belt should also be a speed rated belt

just think of the speed that little belt is subjected to.

Part number Part Name Price gst inclusive
AMC-SCOM AMC super Chipper operators manual $12

Roller white for hard prunings


AMC-SCRO Roller Orange for vegetable & softer pruning DSC00206.JPG $30
AMC-SCDS Large drive sprocket $80
AMC-SCB supa chipper belt $46
AMC-SCBH supa chipper bearing housing $17
AMC-SCBHBJAP bearing for housing Japanese $50
AMC-SCBHBCHi bearing for housing chineese $25

AMC Mower parts list

MULCHING KITS for 33" deck ( blades extra) $40

Check out our range of Predator parts at the bottom of the page.

Part number Part name Price gst inclusive
AMC-L010 Blade holder 100_1390.jpg $80
AMC-6L/R King pin right or left (front axle)100_1382.jpg $15 each
AMC-B0006 Thrust bearing $22
AMC-H0005 Spindle housing 100_1386.jpg $80
AMC-DEL9 Deck engaging link 100_1442.jpg



Seat 71367_AMC 2.jpg71367_AMC seat.jpg

AMC-F0017 Diff cross pin 100_1400.jpg $15
AMC-F0075 diff Circlip $2 each
AMC-F0084 Diff thrust washer $6 each
AMC-F0085 Diff thrust washer $6 each

Arm rest kit IMG_0216.JPG

AMC-EC Electric clutch $450
AMC-F0038 Throttle cable $15
AMC-B20 Bearing 100_1392.jpg $19
AMC-D0002 Anti scalp wheels 100_1393.jpg $22
AMC-D0012 Side chute/ grass deflector 100_1443.jpg $90
AMC-D0018 Chain tensioner DSC00207.JPG $24
AMC-E0022 Switch 100_1402.jpg $16
AMC-F3 Fuel cap 100_1395.jpg $18
AMC-F0012 Diff gear-plain bore (each) DSC00209.JPG $80
AMC-F0013 Diff gear splined bore (each) DSC00208.JPG $80

clutch cork to suite 305mm drive

clutch cork size: O.D: 237mm I.D:162mm 100_1397.jpg

$37 pair

Glue $25


Explorer drive shaft 100_1387.jpg $77



Diff housing, to suite most AMC mowers 100_1391.jpg

Exchange diff $120

New diff $230


Diff bolt set 4 specail high tensile bolts, nylock nuts, washers

diff bolt.JPG


clutch cork to suite 240mm drive

Actual cork size: O.D 178mm / I.D 80mm 100_1397.jpg

$26 pair

Glue $25

AMC-H0058 Outback drive shaft 100_1399.jpg $107
AMC-L1047 Rear Sprocket. AMC RC.JPG $75

Deck spindle 100_1385.jpg


100mm tin idler pulley 100_1396.jpg




Explorer/Resort LH axle no hub 100_1383.jpg

Explorer/ Resort LH long axle with hub





Explorer/Resort Rh axle no hub 100_1384.jpg

Explorer/Resort Rh axle with hub



AMC-M0053 Drive chain and joiner Explorer/Resort/Outback amc-drive chain.JPG $35
AMC- T10 11 tooth sprocket $41.80
AMC-T11 13 tooth sprocket 100_1401.jpg $30

Brake assembly (complete with pads)

only 2 left. No more once they are gone. AMC-L128.jpg

AMC-T44 AMC- Brake pads $5 each
AMC-WIREL AMC- Explorer wiring loom & diagram AMC wir 1.JPG $20


AMC blade set (2 blades, bolts, nuts,washers) Explorer, Territory,

Outback 300 series, Resort XL, series 2 100_1398.jpg




Short steering shaft /arm

Ball end on both ends now IMG_0175.JPG

Long steering shaft/arm




Tie rod end 3/8 thread.

Series 2 have10mm you will require the complete steering arm, 100_1413.jpg


Steering rack AMC-142 (2).JPG

AMC-L142B Steering box cog. AMC-142B.JPG $20



5 pin ignition switch

6 pin ignition switch




Mulching kit suite 33" cut (no blades)

1 only left.


AMC-Explorer XL decal

sticker to set

explorer.JPG exporer set 3.JPG Battery terminal point.jpg

parking brake.jpg throttle sticker.jpg safety deck.jpg cutting height 2.jpg

This set includes most of the decals on the mower.

(not all pictured)

AMC-Estate decal



cutter and drive belt serial 0300 on


modified drive pulley belt

AMC-BKEEX Early Explorer 33 belt set before 0799 $80
AMC-BKEXS2 series 2 Explorer 33 complete belt set serial number 0300+ $80
AMC-BKEX Belt set Explorer 33 complete serial numbers 07-99 to 0200 $80
AMC-BKR Belt set Resort series 2 with 33" cut $95
AMC-BKOB Belt set outback $76
AMC-B0012 Explorer drive belt serial numbers before 0799 $28
AMC-B0013 Explorer drive& cutter belt serial numbers from 0300 $30
AMC-B0017 Explorer drive belt serial number between 0799-0300 $35
AMC-B0018 Explorer cutter belt before serial number 0599 $35
AMC-B0021 Explorer engine belt (speed rated) $23
AMC-B0022 Resort series 11 cutter deck belt $45
AMC-B0025 Territory /Outback deck belt $34
AMC-B0113 Territory engine belt $20
AMC-B0013 Out back drive belt. $34

Tecumseh Coil/ Armature

AMC-Tech/AF Techumseh air filter 21
AMC-Tech-F/S Techumseh air filter saver 5.40

Brigs & Stratton 10.5-13hp engine maintenance kit


air filter,


sparks plug

2x1L oil

all items available individually.

total $37.85

B & S Engine maintenance kit suits Intek 13.5, 15.5, 17 and 17.5hp engines. all items available individually.


air filter

pre-air filter

engine oil filter

fuel filter

spark plug

oil 1L x2



Honda engine maintenance kit 8-13hp GX240/GX270cyclones/GX340/GX390

Contains air filters, spark plug, oil.


air filter

sparks plug

10w40 1L engine oil x2

( all items available individually

Total $58.85

Engine Maintenance kit suits single cylinder Command 11 thru 16hp CV11-CV-16 engines (items may be purchased separately)

engine oil filter

Air filter


Sparks plug

1L 10w30 oil X2

Total $70.10
AMC-MB AMC Manor blade set (contains 6 blades and bolts) $79

AMC Early Manor belt

AMC-M60B AMC Manor 60 belt $112
AMC-PB AMC Predator blade set (contains 6 blades and bolts) $60
AMC- Pbelt

AMC Predator belt

AMC-PB27 AMC Predator deck bearing $25
AMC-PM0013 AMC Predator deck spindle $150
AMC-PS11 AMC Predator tie rod ends $31
AMC-PT20 AMC Predator tapor lock pulley 100mm $43
AMC-PT/132 AMC-Predator tapor lock pulley 132mm $64
AMC-PW21 AMC Predator deck wheel $30
up to 500g stachel Postage and handling up to a max. size of items 22cm X35cm $10
up ot 3kg satchel Postage and handling up to a max. size of items 31cm by 40cm $15
up to 5kg satchel Postage and handling up to a max. size of items 43cm x 51cm $20
bulky items as per size, weight and Australia Post.

diffs, drive assemblies, pulleys,

cutter discs, bearings, stickers,

sprockets, full range of AMC belts.

Most spare parts still available.

Also spare parts for the AMC chipper

including rollers and bearings.

Call Corelle to assist you in your AMC purchase.

With over 25 years in the business and selling AMC since 1994

We know the AMC Mowers.

0355 765583



Call Corelle about our wide range of after market

push and ride on mower spare parts,

blades, filters, engine components,

belts, springs in stock.

We service and repair

most makes and models of mowers.

All AMC parts and booklets an operators manuals are posted at a fee of $5

Parcel are posted at a minimum postage fee of $10.

Postage and hadling 501g - 3kg bag $15

Postage and handling 3.1-5kg bag $22

May cost more for heavy or large items.

Telephone inquires 03 5576 5583

E mail inquiries click here

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