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Berti Mulchers

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Berti Mulches have been produce for over forty years, and provide a range of top quality Italian-made mulchers for all aplications . When you require a mulcher for general agricultural or vineyard needs, Berti have a mulcher to suit you – their range is huge!

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Here’s a small sample of Berti Mulchers for specific applications.

Mini Mulcher.

berti MINI.jpg

Compact mulching machine for green areas in general, such as parks, gardens, sport courts, etc. Rear mounted on tractors from 12 to 25 HP.

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berti PARKP.jpg

Compact rear mounted mulcher, for tractors from 20 to 40 HP. It is suited to mulch grass, bushes and light pruning of 2 cm. of diameter on parks, green areas, sport courts etc.


Vineyard Mulchers


Mulcher for vineyard and orchard, suited to mulch grass, bushes and pruning up to 4-5 cm diameter. Working width from 105 cm to 200 cm available. For tractors from 30 to 60 HP.


EKR The medium duty low body mulcher is front or rear mountable and suitable for grass brush and prunnings up to 2-3cm diameter; ideal for general tiding of fields and for vineyard applications, grass cutting and pasture topping. standard with 139mm rear roller and 'L' hammer flails 540/1000 rpm gearbox with free wheel.


General Grass Cutting

TFB/Y The 100 horsepower Heavy Duty Low Body Mulcher is the most popular in the Berti range; suitable for most Orchard and Vineyard applications and can handle prunings up to 8cm. Standard with mechanical side shift ' A' hammers flails and 194mm rear roller 540 rpm gearbox with free wheel.

Agricultural Mulchers


TSB Universal high-body mulcher suited for tractors from 50-130 horse power. It is suited for grass and crop mulching, making it the perfect pasture topper. Standard with heavy duty 'Y' flails with middle straight blade. 194mm rear roller and 540 rpm gearbox(up to TSB 230)

Standard with rear wheels oan 100rpm gear box (TSB270-300)


Forestry mulcher


This is a lighter version , with swinging hammers, of the model ECF. It is suited for heavy clearing work, even when operated by tractors with medium-low power (80-130 HP). The ECF/MD is able to slash and mulch trees, plants, branches of up to 15 cm (about 7") in diameter.Equipped with double edge swinging hammers, hydraulic tailgate, counter blades; protective arch available on request



Heavy-duty forestry shredder with double transmission, equipped with tungsten-carbide fixed hammers on the shredding rotor, to fit tractors from 120 to 200 HP.
It is the ideal machine for shredding wild vegetation, scrub, heavy bushes, plants, wooden branches, trunks and tree-stumps up to 35 cm diameter; to clear undergrowth, under power lines, beside railways, for the maintenance of green areas, cutting fire-breaks, for clearing abandoned areas and alike.


Berti PICKER mulcher.jpg

Special mulcher with pick-up rotor suited for mulching wooden material such as pruning and branches up to 8 cm (4”) of diameter. Ideal for vineyards and orchards with uneven and stony terrains. Working width from 100 cm (39”) to 200 cm (79”) available. For tractors from 60 to 120 HP.


Berti PICKER_C.jpg

This machine is an outstanding new concept of mulcher on the domestic and international market, based on the model Picker. It consists of a “pick-up rotor” which lifts up the pruning and branches from the ground and brings them to the second rotor into the mulching chamber; here the material is well chopped and finally delivered into the innovative and patented “BERTI Container”.
The machine can work with all the possible terrain conditions, even on the stony and/or cultivated grounds where the ordinary mulchers and shredders are not able to operate. In the PICKER/C, in fact, the mulching work is performed in high position from the ground level and without the presence of dangerous stones or rocks.

The aim of thePICKER/C is to collect, after being well mulched, the wood material resulting from season pruning in vineyards, orchards, olive groves, and alike. Thanks to the particular design of the“pick-up rotor”, in fact, the machine does not collect grass or stones from the ground. The container, built of steel, is equipped with a dual cover: the first half allows the inspection; the second permits to the material to slide down during the discharge operations.
The height of discharge is of 2,0 m. (Standard container) or 2,6 m. (Super container) permitting to the material to be discharged, for instance, also into every type of trailers.
The BERTI container, thanks to its innovative independent frame, is hydraulically operated by the simple double effect distributor on the tractor.
The PICKER/C is equipped with a 3-point linkage of Cat. I-II and it is standard equipped with a kit of hydraulic height adjustable rubber wheelsfor the best manoeuvring both on field and on the road, over run clutch in the gearbox, safety torque limiter, counterblades, heavy-duty flail hammers.
Working widths available from 100 cm. to 180 cm.; it can be operated by tractors from 60 to 120 HP. Container’s capacity from 1,5 to 3,5 m³.




Hydraulically operated, suited for clearing between the plants after the pruning. It fits the models AF, TFB/Y TFB/S, TFB/M


Berti-disc mower MOD-RM.jpg

Disk mower complete with independent hydraulic system and mechanical swing device, equipped with oil tank of 50 litres with distributor for motor on/off, with wire cable and disk of Ø 650 mm.; ideal for the mulchers AF, TFB/Y and TFB/S.


berti discmower MOD-RI.jpg

Between Row Disk Mower with hydraulic sensor for in/out movements. The implements adapts itself automatically to the uneveness of the ground. Height and inclination of the disk are adjustable.
It is recommended for all the arboreus cultivations, specially for those with your plants.

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