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Craftsman Lawn tractors

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9 to 5, 4 days a week

Closed on Wednesdays.

Closed from 26-june 2018

opening again mid September 2018

The craftsman range of lawn tractors

Choosing your lawn tractor.

style .....innovation....versatility

Your tractor is a versatile tool in your lawn care arsenal.

Lawn Tractor

Cutting grass is just one of it's many talents.

With attachments to choose from, your tractor can complete

tasks like hauling firewood, picking up leaves, de thatching,

aviating and fertilizing your lawn.


With your choice of 30" or 42" deck and single cylinder 17.5hp engine

the above mowers are ideal for mowing relatively flat lawns up to 2 acres.

Yard Tractor



With its larger seat, 42" deck size

22hp engine by Brigs & Stratton.

Other comfort and performance features,

yard tractors are ideal for lawn over 2 acres.


Craftsman GT 6000


This Garden Tractor is powered by 24hp B&S engine

With a 54" mower deck

It is capable of using ground engaging attachments.

With a heavy-duty premium hydrostatic automatic transmission.

Cast iron front axle, electric clutch

Large, 54" cutting deck, this Yard Tractor is efficient,

durable and exceptionally easy to use



Sun shade 24230

Keep cool and protected from the heat and sun

* Fits Craftsman from engine tractors LT2000 and up
* Easy to assemble and remove
* Hydra vinyl canopy, large diamteter and depth



Craftsman catcher

Bag grass as you cut it

* Soft Material
* 2 bin/ 6 bu. capacity
* 24891 fits 42" deck model $629

24903 fits 46" deck model $699

click here to email inquiry for other catcher sizes.


Craftsman Brush guard 24628

Styling and added protection

* Protects the front and of your tractor and headlights from accidental damage
* Fits most Craftsman front engine tractors
* Pull lever to lower brush guard to open hood



Craftsman Front Bumper 24612

Protect your tractor in style and avoid costly repairs

* Dual steel bumper
* Fits most Craftsman front engine tractors



Broadcaster spreader.

Your neighbours will be green with envy spreads seed,

fertilizer and weed control evenly and in less time.

* 100 lb. capacity covers approximately 1 acre
* Vinyl cover included Craftsman exclusive feature
* Aluminium gear with steel rod flow gate control

24321 100lb campacity . $439


Broadcaster spreader. 24322.

Spread seed, fertilizer and weed control evenly and in less time.

* 85 lb. capacity covers approximately 1/3 of an acre
* 10” x 4” pneumatic tyres
* Quick and easy assembly



Tow behind Sprayer

Quick apply herbicides, insecticides

and other liquid chemicals on turf, trees, shrubs.

24531 60L capacity $759

24533 110L capacity $979


Craftsman Spike Aerator 24336

Slice soil allowing water, seeds and nutrients to the grass roots.

Revitalize the lawn in early spring or late Autumn.

(9) 7" diameter spikes penetrate up to 2.5"

Up to 100lbs. of weight can be added to tray

Adjustable hitch for varying draw bar heights.



Craftsman Plug Aerator 24213

Enjoy a golf course like lawn aerate compact soil to promote new grass growth.
Enclosed weight tray holds up to 100 Ibs.

* Up to 3” aeration depth
* (24) 11 gauge galvanized coring points (pre-assembled at factory) Craftsman exclusive feature


Lawn sweeper 24222.png

Hi Speed sweeper 24266

Clean your lawn faster with a large capacity bag

while never having to leave your seat

* Brush to wheel revolution ratio 60% faster than competition
* Brusherare 20% larger equal more efficient and effective performance
* Massive 22 cu. ft. capacity/ 18 bushel


e-mail inquiry click here

You are welcome to come in and check out the range in stock

Phone 0355765583